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Best Insulation for Energy-Efficient Homes

When the temperature changes, about 49% of your utility bill is spent on energy costs, which, believe it or not, is preventable. Whether you need insulation or reinsulation, long-term results include lower utility costs and comfortable rooms.

Insulation traps air and reduces heat transfers inside and outside your home based on its R-value. The higher the R-number, the better it reduces heat transfers and impacts insulation performance.

Different insulation materials are available based on your climate and specific areas of the home. Let’s look at which insulation is best and how Accurate Insulation can help.

For an insulation consultation in your DC metropolitan area home, contact Accurate Insulation.

Understanding Insulation and Its Impact

The NAIMA found that about 90% of U.S. homes built before the 1960s are under-insulated. To measure the effectiveness of your home’s insulation, refer to our R-Value Insulation Guide for Washington, DC, and request a home energy audit with a BPI-certified professional.

Signs of poor insulation include higher power bills, roof icicles, inconsistent room temperatures and drafts.

Since insulation with high R-values effectively reduces heat transfers, it’s easier to maintain desired indoor temperatures. The EPA estimates that adding insulation materials to crawl spaces, the attic and the basement can save up to 15%, or $200 annually, on cooling and heating costs.

Application methods can include loose-fill, spray foam, rolls of batting and other methods, while top insulation materials can include fiberglass, mineral wool and polystyrene. Upgrading insulation can increase your home’s value and with convenient payment options, you might be eligible for the energy rebate program to offset costs.

Person installing insulation in a home's walls

Best Insulation for Your Attic

Attic insulation comes in different styles, thicknesses and sizes. It can be used for vaulted, trussed and open spaces, as well as attics with plumbing, HVAC and electrical equipment. Hence, achieving the proper R-value per inch can help prevent heat loss and lower energy bills.

Recommended attic insulation products include:

  • Fiberglass insulation: Fiberglass roll is ideal for open attics, while fiberglass batts are best for attics with trusses and mechanical equipment. Pros of fiberglass include its affordability and wide availability. However, a con is that air gaps might require professional installation.
  • Cellulose insulation: Pros include eco-friendliness and excellence at blocking airflow. The major con is that moisture might settle over time.
  • Spray foam insulation: The pros include superior air sealing and high R-value per inch. The cons include higher costs and professional installation.

Best Types of Insulation for Exterior Walls

External wall insulation (EWI) is fixed on existing walls and finished with coatings for superior weatherproofing, optimal thermal efficiency and comfort.

The result is a thick layer providing optimal airtightness and fewer cold spots. Pros include less noise, thermal bridging, condensation and mold. A drawback is cracks or gaps can lead to water penetration.

Top exterior wall insulation materials include:

  • Rigid foam board insulation has pros, including excellent thermal and moisture resistance. However, it’s also more expensive and may require additional protection from UV exposure.
  • Fiberglass batt insulation: The pros of fiberglass wall insulation include its cost-effectiveness and DIY-friendly installation. The cons include air gaps and lower R-value compared to other options.
  • Mineral wool insulation: Pros are that it’s fire-resistant and has excellent soundproofing properties. A major con is that it comes at a higher cost than fiberglass.

Professional inspecting a wall before insulation

Best Insulation Types for Floors

Floors that need insulating or reinsulation can include crawl spaces, unheated basements and concrete planks, beams and blocks. Consider retrofitting the underfloor to prevent heat loss, improve energy efficiency and reduce humidity and moisture.

The best flooring insulation includes:

  • Closed-cell spray foam insulation: This type of insulation has a high R-value and moisture resistance, but it’s more expensive and requires professional installation.
  • Fiberglass batt insulation: The pros are its affordability and easy installation. The cons include that it may compress over time and is less effective in moisture-prone areas.
  • Foam board insulation: Its pros are its high R-value per inch and moisture resistance. Its cons include a higher cost and that it may require additional protection in crawl spaces.

Why Choose Accurate Insulation?

When exploring efficient insulation materials, factors include the R-value, installation requirements and your budget. We can help you decide what’s best.

Accurate Insulation provides comprehensive residential and commercial insulation products. We service the DC metro area and have excellent reviews and credentials. Let our experienced team help with your insulation project.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and amazing incentives and rebates. See our photo gallery and reviews.

Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor or builder, Accurate Insulation can help you find the best wall and floor insulation in Washington, DC.

Products We Install

Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort & value to homes & buildings.

Spray Foam

Accurate Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of spray foam insulation.


Environmentally friendly and effective, cellulose works well in homes and buildings.

Radiant Barrier

We can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable with an attic radiant barrier.

Garage Doors

When you turn to Accurate Insulation for garage doors, you work with a great team.


No matter your gutter needs, the Accurate Insulation team has you covered.


Accurate Insulation is proud to be a leading supplier of quality window blinds.

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